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HYDROPRO 800 PREMIUS SSP mäntäpumppu

HYDROPRO 800 PREMIUS SSP mäntäpumppu/piston pump

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HYDROPRO 800 is an atomizer for intensive use, it offers a regular performance in the application of thick products.
Its hydraulic motor pump has a longer and slower piston stroke, which makes its use flexible and extremely reliable.

SSP system is ideal for high viscosity products. The pump is permanently fed for smooth operation.

For a simple and comfortable use, HYDROPRO 800 PREMIUM model is equipped with a rotating reel drum.
Atomizer for paints on large-sized jobs, and for fillers on medium-sized jobs such as airless fillers, glues and bituminous.
- a flexible hose Ø3/8" x 15 m
- spray-gun
- nozzle
- a nozzle holder